Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with your bakery name?

The short version - I have always had black cats, since I was seven years old. When I started culinary school, I started a blog so that family & friends could keep up with my exploits. Whilst contemplating a name for my blog, I happened to see a picture of my black cats, and Baker & A Black Cat popped into my head! For the longer version, click here!

Is Gambit allowed in the bakery?

No - while I love my orange fur-baby dearly, there is no place in any kitchen or bakery for him!  I am a certified food handler, and I always clean and sanitize the bakery both before and after baking!

How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

Please try to order as soon as possible to ensure that the best ingredients and other items can be sourced for your order.  For smaller events (e.g. less than 50 servings), 2-3 months notice is best; for large custom cake orders (eg. 75+ servings, 4-6 months notice is best.  I may be able to take orders closer to your event date, but that depends on my availability, as I take a limited number of orders per week.  Please call me, email me, or use the Contact Form below!

For Cake Tastings: I have specific times set aside on my calendar each month, so please use the contact form to set up your appointment.

How much are your cakes/cupcakes?

Price is rarely driven by a single component, but rather it is the sum of all the parts: we first start with the number of guests at your event, and how much cake you are planning to serve. Then we consider the size and complexity of your chosen design, whether there are any intricate details, cake florals (fresh, sugar, or silk), custom toppers, any handmade items; as well as structural components, delivery, and set-up. Most importantly, we consider decorator time and labor.

Please call me, email me, or use the Contact Form below to set up an appointment so that we can discuss your requirements.

What size cake or how many cupcakes do I need to order?

The industry-standard serving size is one 1" x 2" x 4"-sized slice of cake or one cupcake per person.  The number of servings or cupcakes you would need to order will be based on the number of guests expected to attend your event.   If you are planning a plated or buffet-style meal, you may not need as many servings, because not everyone will have dessert.  If you are serving lighter fare (eg. appetizers & cocktails or lunch instead of dinner), you may need more servings, as your guests may have more "room".

I use the Wilton Wedding Serving Guide for all of my cakes (wedding or otherwise), but it is still just a guide.  The number of people a cake will feed will vary depending on how the cake is cut.  While I will be baking and decorating your cake, I do not offer cutting and serving services.  I do, however, always leave copies of a cutting guide (with directions on how to get those 1" x 2" x 4" pieces) with the cake.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes.  In addition to a reservation retainer to ensure my availability for your event date, which is applied to your final payment, I require a deposit of 50% of the value of the order.

Will there be any paperwork for me to sign?

Yes.  Once the initial cake design has been completed, you will receive a limited-time preliminary quote. After that has been approved, you will need to sign a Reservation Retainer Receipt, a Cake Contract, and a Delivery or Pick-Up Confirmation. I use Adobe Sign, and will require one email address per signature.

Can you put my favorite character/team/toy/movie/etc. on my cake?

No.  It is illegal to reproduce copyrighted images, punishable by hefty fines to *all* involved parties, and commercial and franchised characters fall under this law.  It is Baker & A Black Cat's policy to respect and comply with all copyright and other intellectual property laws.