About Baker & A Black Cat

Hi! I'm Nikki, the Baker & Cake Decorator here at Baker & A Black Cat.  I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu's Pastry & Baking program with high honors in 2012, and began my career in the Production Bakery at Epcot, Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida!  After that, I came back to my hometown of Placerville, California, and eventually started Baker & A Black Cat to concentrate on baking and cake decorating. 

When I'm not baking or decorating, you can usually find me looking up all things cake related on the internet, playing with Gambit, with my nose in a book, geeking out over movies, or cheering on my beloved USC Trojans!

If you've seen me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, then you know that I actually have an orange cat named Gambit.  I know, I know.  Baker & A Black Cat, right?  Where did the orange cat come from?  That's a good question!  Scroll down for more!

Gambit says "I woke up like this..."

Gambit says "I woke up like this..."


Gambit is my rescue kitty!  He was abandoned near a local walking trail in September 2011, and he kept following me up & down said trail, prompting many remarks of "out walking your cat, are you?"  I cracked under the pressure, gave in to those big green eyes, and brought him home.

It's debatable as to who actually did the rescuing: Gambit or me... 

He's a very happy kitty, and loves to watch his outside (surveying his domain)...but doesn't like to get too far from the house.  (He learned from his teacher Duncan...)  His favorite food is whatever tuna-and-salmon kitty treats I have on hand, and he loves long drinks from the sink. 

I'm getting to the black cats part.  Promise.

Logan (2003 - 2011)

Logan (2003 - 2011)


The two constants in my life have been baking and cats.   I've been a cat mom to furbabies since I was seven years old, and my "normal" has always always always been...black cats!

When I moved back to Placerville from southern California in 2005, Logan came with me.   Sixteen pounds of attitude with claws (half-Siamese, half Maine Coon), Logan more than lived up to his namesake, and settled into life in El Dorado County, teaching his housemate Duncan (see below) all sorts of tricks.  Sadly, I lost Logan in August 2011.  I firmly believe that he was the force that led Gambit to find me on that trail!

Baker & A Black Cat started as a blog the next month, as I was starting culinary school.  I still had my Duncan, and while trying to come up with a name for the blog, I looked up and focused on the pictures of my cats.  And just like that, Baker & A Black Cat was born!

Duncan (~1999 - 2012)

Duncan (~1999 - 2012)


Duncan was our shelter kitty, and he was a living, breathing, I-am-not-kidding Scaredy Cat.  We don't know what happened in his life before he came to live with us, but Duncan was afraid of everything that wasn't Duncan.  (And on occasion, he was also afraid of Duncan!)   Duncan spent his days hiding in the bathroom or on his chair in the dining room, staying there until it was time to move to his bed for the night.  Then I brought Logan into the mix.  Suddenly Duncan could be found in the laundry room, the living room, my room, under the bed...  When we lost Logan, Duncan was so sad, but he perked up when he became big brother upon Gambit's arrival.  (I'm positive that's why Gambit stays so close to home, and will freak out when he can't see the house.  Duncan's influence....)

A year after Gambit joined the family, we lost Duncan.

Now my website, my email, and my bakery are named Baker & A Black Cat in loving memory of my boys who crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Love & miss you guys, through the veil...